WLAN, GMS, SE4710, NFC, 4GB/64GB, 13MP RFC, 5MP FFC, 2-pin connector, Basic Battery, NA
Manufacturer: Zebra Technologies
SKU: TC210K-01A422-NA
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Get all the features of the TC26, now with support for the newest wireless technology, Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS). With comprehensive wireless networking, no matter what wireless networking technology workers encounter throughout a shift, they can connect to it all—WiFi, cellular, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and CBRS. CBRS enables the easy extension of robust wireless services in expansive environments, such as seaports, rail yards, campus-style hospital environments, resorts, golf courses and more, easily covering thousands of acres—outdoors, as well as in every corner of every building. And since one CBRS base station can cover the same area as up to 10 WiFi access points, there is less infrastructure to purchase, deploy and maintain, enabling cost-effective wireless coverage in the largest enterprise environments.